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Chairman’s Profile

Our founder Dr. T. Dorairaj has been serving the Education community for the past 35 years. He has dedicated his life in educating children belonging to Kanuvai and the neighborhood areas.

An alumnus of CIT, he has been instrumental in enriching the life of students. He is a simple down to earth person, teacher at heart. His main interest lies in developing innovative and creative methods for teaching children, especially in their formative phase.

In particular, Indira Gandhi College of Special Education stands as an icon in training the teacher aspirants to educate children with special needs, especially with intellectual disability. His institution offers higher education to the needy and economically poor students at an affordable cost. His service has been acclaimed as one of the best in the education field.

Holy Cross Matriculation Higher Secondary School, St. Mary’s Matriculation School offers best education at elementary, middle and higher secondary level in the rural area of Coimbatore, Kanuvai.

Dr. T. Dorairaj is accredited with Doctorate in Education from Rocheville University, USA. Hailing from a teacher’s family, Dr. T. Dorairaj has started his career as an industrialist in Plastic Fiber Technology by establishing his own company christened as Luna Industries. It is an honour for him that the Tamilnadu Government has Gazetted the place where the Luna Industries situated as Luna Nagar.

He has been instrumental in spreading the awareness of education of Science, Technology, Engineering & Consumerism by publishing a monthly magazine Punmuruval for the last 10 years, distributed free of cost to the nearby schools and colleges.

Chairman's Message

The year 1983 dawn with a special objective of providing education to the needy people, especially for Coimbatore. Thus came the Mary Kanagam Memorial Educational Trust in Coimbatore, the centre of Excellence in Education / Industry / Entrepreneurship / Textile etc.  So far, more than 1000 students have become professionals in teaching, thanks to the visionary of the trustees.

Education derived its origin from the Latin word EDUCERY meaning ‘to bring out’. Education deals with human psychology → Behaviour / Character / Spirit / Mental Health. Such a kind of education is provided in this Indira Gandhi College of Special Education – an institution that specializes in Special Education (ID / Dysgraphia).

The teachings and doctrines of the Lord Jesus and the principles of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our Nation are being followed in serving the people of underdeveloped rural area to know about the glorious cultural heritage of India.  

I welcome you all to our family of Education by enrolling yourselves with us thus, carving out a better future for both of us.

Trust Members

Name Position
Dr. T. Dorairaj, M.A., MBA, FIPE, Ph.D., Chairman
Mrs. Alphonse Mary Shyamala, B.A., Secretary
Mr. D. Thomas Arokiaraj, M.Sc., PGDCA, Trust Member
Mrs. D. Immaculate Sunitha, M.A., B.Ed., Trust Member
Mr. D. Maria Anandraj, M.Sc., PGDCA, Trust Member

Vision & Mission


  • To emerge as a center of excellence in the field of Teachers Education with the perspective of new era of inclusive education.
  • To develop the profession of teaching on sound ethical lines, thought provoking education with up to date scientific knowledge & skill in the new age of Information Technology Revolution and Globalization.


  • Aspiring with fervent commitment and dedication for the cause of learning.
  • Importing the principles of man-making education and instill the values in the student-teachers to cut across the inequalities imposed by birth & other circumstances.

Educate to Elevate – Elevate to Educate

“Education is the development of all those capacities in the individual which will enable him to control his environment and fulfill his possibilities”.

– John Dewey

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